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Bantu EnterpriseIM

The leader in secure IM/Presence platforms

Through the Bantu EnterpriseIM XMPP standards based platform, Bantu enables everything from secure one–to–one and group messaging to persistent online conference rooms. Bantu EnterpriseIM provides the convenience, control and contextually relevant communications that make IM so vital to daily operations. Bantu’s various clients; web–based, thick and mobile enable our customers to communicate from virtually any device and any location. Key features include:

  • Cross Platform – supports Windows, Unix/Linux.
  • Highly scalable, distributable architecture.
  • Presence – Bantu EnterpriseIM provides customers with full visibility into who is online, plus a powerful management tool that controls how you publish and manage users’ online status.
  • Robust administrative features for group and chat room management, security, and reporting.
  • Industrial strength security using TLS and SSL.
  • Integration with existing enterprise directories such as LDAP and Active Directory.