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The rules have changed; are you keeping up?

Sharing social spaces on the open Internet is a growing phenomenon, but the methods and rules for adopting and implementing those same concepts for business and government are still being defined. Questions must be answered such as inclusion and exclusion of people in the network; openness of content distribution and publication; rights management regarding content publication and feedback; and securing the content and identities of participants.

Deploying the right tools and enabling the exchange of knowledge and information requires careful planning and implementation, combined with innovative applications and methodologies.

Bantu has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world and has been deploying and integrating information sharing technologies in the public and private sectors for more than ten years. Our expertise includes knowledge of network architectures, database management and application development and integration. Bantu’s professional services capabilities, combined with our unique collaboration products, makes Bantu a leader in applying information sharing, Web 2.0 concepts and social networking for businesses and governments.