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Application Enablement
Bringing people and processes together

The vast majority of existing business applications were not designed or deployed with the intent to utilize Web 2.0 concepts, such as tagging, linking information within applications and enabling presence throughout the flow of the application.

For example, enabling your existing applications with presence can be a complex endeavor, requiring clever engineering, more elegant but sophisticated user interfaces and, of course security and reliability. Embedding presence and an instant messaging capability into legacy applications brings a real time capability that speeds up your processes including people’s response times, improving productivity and increasing return on investment.

Bantu has over a decade of experience in building and integrating collaboration and Web 2.0-like features into third party applications. Our unique solutions offer customers the flexibility to deploy their choice of communication tools or adopt Bantu’s instant messaging, presence and custom tools to their unique environment.

At Bantu our focus is delivering the right application suite to enable our customers to collaborate and share information seamlessly but securely. We also enable applications by bringing the process and people together in one solution to enable more effective management and communication.